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18 April 2017

ACT NOW! Spanish unions protest against redundancy procedure at OHL

Both unions UGT FICA Industria Construcción y Agro and CCOO Construcción y servicios report that the OHL Group has submitted a Redundancy Dismissal Procedure affecting a total of 554 workers from the divisions of Construction and Industrial Construction. It will affect 404 workers out of 1452 from the construction division and 150 out of 442 from the Industrial construction division. ACT NOW! Both unions urge you to sign our online campaign.

The established Commission for the negotiation, together with the trade union organizations UGT FICA and CCOO de Construcción y Servicios, express:

  • Their total opposition to the Redundancy Procedure, because it is disproportional, unfair and inappropriate
  • Their commitment to defend all jobs in OHL

    Details about...

    Spain (18/04/2017 - 30/06/2017)

    ACT NOW! Support OHL workers!

    Union: CCOO & FICA
    TNC involved: OHL
    BWI Action: Dear Sir, We are extremely concerned to hear of the proposed redundancies in OHL, affecting a total of 554 employees. We urge you to resume dialogue with UGT FICA and CCOO Construccion y Servicios, and to strive to reach an agreement to save these jobs through good faith negotiations. Yours faithfully,