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SOUTH KOREA: BWI urges new President to protect human rights
Decent Work for all, including people with disabilities.
South Korean union leaders sentenced on politically-motivated charges
SOUTH KOREA: UN body orders President Han’s release from arbitrary detention
Brazil: BWI and IndustriALL release joint statement in support of the victims of the collapse of the Fundão Dam
Malaysia: STIEU win at Court of Appeal!
TURKEY: 418 Wood Workers at Strike
Argentina: create cinema about work
President Han receives the FNV Trade Union Award
Interview: Brazilian unions are still struggling to guarantee the indemnification of workers who were victims of the collapse of the dam in Mariana
General Strike in Brazil
BWI May Day Solidarity Message: Amandla! Power to the People!
Brazil: International Solidarity with the General Strike April 28th
ACT NOW! Spanish unions protest against redundancy procedure at OHL
Argentina: first general strike against Macri’s Government paralyzes the country
Agreement in Israel for improving and regulating the employment conditions of crane operators
Israel shortens its workweek
Etex’s hidden agenda causes job losses in Argentina
MALAYSIA: Workers at STIEU Receive their Wages….Next Step---Towards Union Recognition!
Malaysia: SFI workers picket for their wages

Being a trade unionist is becoming more dangerous with a total of 145 people worldwide killed due to their trade union activities in 2004.

Trade unionists in many countries continue to face imprisonment, dismissal and discrimination, while legal obstacles to trade union organizing and collective bargaining are being used to deny millions of workers their rights.

Once again Colombia was the deadliest country for trade unionists, with 99 murders, and hundreds of death threats. In the Middle East, where trade unions are totally banned in some countries. Government interference in trade union affairs was a feature in several countries, including in former Soviet states. On the African continent, the Cameroon government continued efforts to divide the union movement by favouring workers' organizations which it saw as being easier to control whilst refusing to register trade unions which it saw as too independent.

Globalization has encouraged employers to disregard fundamental workers' rights and to use brutal force making the international trade union action never more relevant.

BWI is frequently requested to address protest messages to anti-democratic governments or anti-union companies. Information Technology (IT) will facilitate affiliates' solidarity tasks in the next weeks by creating solidarity online campaigns. If you join our solidarity chain, international trade union solidarity will make a difference for arrested workers, on strike or sacked!


Brazil: International Solidarity with the General Strike April 28th

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has followed with big concern the legislative initiatives promoted by the Brazilian Government in labor relations and social security. Particular concern is the urgent approval by the majority of the parliamentarian government in the Chamber of a legislative proposal that regulates the subcontracting of labor and services (called "outsourcing"), totally unrestricted and without guarantee of rights for workers employed in the called...

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ACT NOW! Spanish unions protest against redundancy procedure at OHL

Both unions UGT FICA Industria Construcción y Agro and CCOO Construcción y servicios report that the OHL Group has submitted a Redundancy Dismissal Procedure affecting a total of 554 workers from the divisions of Construction and Industrial Construction. It will affect 404 workers out of 1452 from the construction division and 150 out of 442 from the Industrial construction division. ACT NOW! Both unions urge you to sign our online campaign. The established Commission for the negotiation,...

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Chile: Hochtief dismiss 320 workers in Alto Maipo

After more than 10 days on strike, the dispute for better working conditions continues in Chile. The large multinational company Hochtief still maintains its anti-union practices at the mega Hydroelectric Project Alto Maipo, in San José de Maipo, Chile. According to leaders of SINTEC/FETRACOMA and the local media, the official strike began on November 4th, and until today, the local Hochtief administration has refused to find a common solution to the demands of the workers. On the other...

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ACT NOW - Peru: Solidarity with SITSERFOR Ministry of Agriculture

One of the trade unions affiliated to the BWI in Peru, the Trade Union of National Forestry Service and Wildlife, SITSERFOR, has reported about serious acts that undermine freedom of association, right to organise, collective bargaining and violation of human and labour rights enshrined in Labour Peruvian Law. Since early 2016, the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru launched an open anti-union policy aimed to limitate free trade union representation and to dismiss members of...

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ACT NOW!: Against the massive dismissals of striking workers at Ceramicas San Lorenzo in Argentina!

The BWI is calling on all of you to protest against the dismissal of 120 workers by the Belgian Etex-Eternit Group in Argentina Cerámicas San Lorenzo. You can make a difference: ACT NOW! Sign the protest message to the management. According to BWI member, the Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina (FOCRA), the closure of two sections of the Plant Azul in Cerámicas San Lorenzo has led to the dismissal of 120 ceramic workers, causing a strong impact on the...

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