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7 June 2016

ACT NOW - Peru: Solidarity with SITSERFOR Ministry of Agriculture

One of the trade unions affiliated to the BWI in Peru, the Trade Union of National Forestry Service and Wildlife, SITSERFOR, has reported about serious acts that undermine freedom of association, right to organise, collective bargaining and violation of human and labour rights enshrined in Labour Peruvian Law.

Since early 2016, the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru launched an open anti-union policy aimed to limitate free trade union representation and to dismiss members of the Board of the union – including the Deputy General Secretary of SITSERFOR Pedro Talledo Hernández, Héctor Cahuas Miller and Manuel Sovero Camac. These trade union leaders were hired under temporary contracts for four years with a periodic renewal of their contracts. After their layoffs, the Ministry denied to the General Secretary of the union Carlos Manuel Bobadilla Cabrejos the right to defend his comrades, and more recently, the Ministry opened a disciplinary proceeding against him at work. This proceeding is ongoing at this time. Clearly, this is a reaction aimed to dismiss him and to take away from him the direction and responsibilities of the union. With these actions, the Ministry has dismissed almost all of the Board members of the union including both General Secretary and the Deputy General Secretary. This is violates not only the right to freedom of association but also to trade union representation.

Therefore, we urge you to ACT NOW! Take a few minutes to sign and adhere to our online campaign, hereunder:

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Peru (31/05/2016 - 31/12/2016)

Action in Peru

Source: ORL
BWI Action: Juan Manuel Benites Minister of Agriculture Lima Peru CC: Cesar Sotomayor Francisco Calderón, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policies Jorge Luis Montenegro Chavesta, Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development and Irrigation Infrastructure Carlos Ernesto Benites Saravia, National Superintendent of Labor Inspection Edgar Alarcón Tejada, Deputy General Comptroller Mr. Minister and Officials: I have been informed by the Building and Wood Worker´s International, BWI, about serious violations to the Labour Law led by the National Forest Service and Wildlife SERFOR, a dependence of the Ministry of Agriculture. Since early 2016, there have been dismissals of union leaders such as Pedro Juan Talledo Hernandez, Manuel Sovero Camac and Héctor Cahuaz Miller, who were hired under temporary contracts for mroe than three years. In some cases, this situation has continued 4, 8 and even 10 years. This is the reason why the Committee on Freedom of Association of the ILO has launched a statement related to this irregularity (Case No. 2884). Against this background, I add the interference by the employer SERFOR against Carlos Manuel Cabrejos Bobadilla on his right to excercise union representation in benefit of his comrades and the start of a rigged disciplinary proceedings just for demanding labour rights and develop union representation. I urge you to intervene in order to : 1. To reinstate these workers; 2. To erradicate these practices so union leaders can exercise their tasks; 3. To store the disciplinary proceedings against Carlos Manuel Bobadilla, Secretary General of the Trade Union of National Forestry Service and Wildlife SITSERFOR; and 4. To initiate an investigation inside SERFOR so Bobadilla can defend himself, as the documents used to support his layoff are false. Sincerely,