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21 January 2016

ACT NOW!: Against the massive dismissals of striking workers at Ceramicas San Lorenzo in Argentina!

The BWI is calling on all of you to protest against the dismissal of 120 workers by the Belgian Etex-Eternit Group in Argentina Cerámicas San Lorenzo. You can make a difference: ACT NOW! Sign the protest message to the management.

According to BWI member, the Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina (FOCRA), the closure of two sections of the Plant Azul in Cerámicas San Lorenzo has led to the dismissal of 120 ceramic workers, causing a strong impact on the community.

According to FOCRA, this will have an impact on wages, modify working conditions and older workers will be replaced by younger workers with less benefits. Also added is the beginning of a persecution of trade unionists at all Etex-Eternit plants.

In order to resolve this conflict, the Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Argentina has issued a mandatory conciliation between the trade union affiliated to FOCRA and Etex Group. However, after several hearings without an agreement between all parties, the workers had no other option than exercising their legitimate right to strike.

All workers of the Puerto Madryn, San Juan and San Luis plants, part of the Etex Group where FOCRA has union representation, in solidarity.

Please take two minutes of your time to support and sign up this important ACT NOW! for the trade union of Ceramics San Lorenzo (Plant Azul). Let´s fight together for ceramic workers’ rights!

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Argentina (21/01/2016 - 22/12/2016)

Dismissal of 120 workers from Etex-Eternit plant

Union: FOCRA
BWI Action: Joseph Vazzano General Manager Ceramics San Lorenzo Plant Azul Republic of Argentina Mr. Vazzano, I protest against the dismissal of 120 ceramic workers at the Plant Azul. According to BWI affiliate Ceramic Workers' Union of the Republic of Argentina, FOCRA, workers of the Azul plant have launched an indefinite strike to reach a concrete agreement with the company that you represent Etex-Eternit Group. I fully support not only the Plant Azul workers, but also to the workers of the plants in Puerto Madryn, San Juan and San Luis, who are performing total labour stoppages as a show of solidarity with their partners. It is not possible that such an important company as the one you represent, a subsidiary of Etex-Eternit Group with great business background and experience, cannot find a better solution to any possible economic crisis than the application of such drastic measures. As such dismissals are against the OECD Guidelines for Multinationals and ILO 158 Convention, we urge you to reconsider the decision taken and to initiate, as soon as possible, necessary negotiations to resolve this conflict with both the union of San Lorenzo Workers and FOCRA. Sincerely,